Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I be hired to take photographs?

The quick answer is yes. I greatly enjoy photography and would be happy to take pictures for you.


2. What are my rates?

While it would be simpler to just state a flat hourly rate, in truth every photography assignment has its own unique challenges, costs, interests, and level of  difficulty. I will work to stay within your budget as much as possible.


3. Are my photos for sale?

Yes, any picture you see on this web site can be purchased either from me or from the Against the Grain Gallery. The price depends on the format, size, and usage of the photo that you wish to purchase.


4. Who owns the photos I take?

Usually, I retain ownership of photos I take. You get a license to use the photos in any way you like as long as it is for your own private use. However, this can be open for negotiation.


5. Are black & white photos available?

Because I shoot pictures digitally, many different affects can be applied to any image. Some black and white photos are shown on this site, but any picture can be printed in this way.


6. How can you get a hold of me?

You can reach me in the following ways:      E-Mail: