Schafer Photography


A little bit about who I am.

I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada, and currently live in Calgary.  I have been taking pictures since I was old enough to own my own camera. I started with a 35 mm Ricoh 500G. That lead to a Canon AE-1 which was my workhorse for more than 15 years.  It still takes great pictures and makes the occasional guest appearance from its storage location.

My move to digital photography happened in 1999 with a Kodak DC 215, then Canon G2, Olympus 5060, and Canon 5D. My standard camera now is a Canon 5D MkIII.

I am often drawn to things that are old, wrecked, or abandoned.  In Alberta that means old homesteads, farms, and derelict machinery.  However, I enjoy taking pictures of most any subject and would welcome challenging opportunities to do so. 

I am also moving into the area of underwater photography and shipwrecks.  They radiate an aura of loss, mystery, and foreboding.  Learning to capture the spectrum of emotion that these and all subjects embody is one of my  main goals in photography.

Randy Schafer